17 Steps on How to Teach a Dog to Play Dead

Training a dog is not only a fun thing, but also something the dog will love to do. You could tell your pooch to roll on, to sit down or any other fun thing. One such is playing dead which is very unique, but again for competence your need it to be done many a times. Here are some steps on how to teach your dog play dead.

Step 1 : Make your dog as comfortable as possible: If you want to teach your doggy about various techniques, you need to follow this basic rule.

Step 2 : Make sure you (or any other family person he is familiar with) is/are the only person present there: Dogs of most breeds are usually more interactive towards any outside friends. So, the chances of the dog, focusing on the training are less.

Step 3 : At first teach him to lay down: This is the very first thing you need to do to start to do, to teach him to play dead.

Step 4 : Search for his most comfortable position: You need to figure out the position at which he will lie down more comfortably.

Step 5 : Command hi to lie down: As you give him the command, gently push him towards his comfortable position. You could also use the lure for the same. Move the lure slowly from the front of the dog’s nose to the comfortable (position) side.

Step 6 : Make him solidify the technique: Repeat the above-mentioned steps, again and again.

Step 7 : Take out the pushing part: when you see your dog is getting professional on the lure, pull out the pushing part.

Step 8 : Limit the lure: As he lies gently, cut out the lure from the process. Just pull your hand back off his nose; however, don’t throw away the lure.

Step 9 : Keep practicing every day: For better learning don’t miss this step.

Step 10 : Keep giving him generous rewards: Not only you, but your pooch is also working hard; so don’t forget to reward him for this.

Step 11 : Introduce the word ‘boo’ or ‘bang’ (whichever you like): Now add the word ‘bang’ to the procedure, at the same time waving your hand like a gun and immediately switch to the lying technique.

Step 12 : Practice the ‘bang’ technique again and again to make your dog more regimented to the command.

Step 13 : See if he is ready to cut out the lure: Check if the dog going to the ‘lying dead’ position, immediately on your command, which is something you won’t be getting any difficulty in.

Step 14 : Remove the lure: As your dog gets ready to lose the lure, it’s time for you to get rid of the lure. But don’t do it directly; rather remove it slowly.

Step 15 : Try doing the whole technique again; but this time without the lure.

Step 16 : Make him very familiar with a BANG: As he gets to master the process, you may think of making him play dead just by the word ‘bang’ without the hand-waving stuff.

Step 17 : Try it at different locations other than the home or a park; try using it for at different places.

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