20 Facts to Know How Many Teeth does an Adult Dog Have

While brushing the teeth of your beloved pooch, you must have come across this question many a times – how many teeth does my pooch have? Well the answer is readily available on the internet and you would certainly get to know that an adult dog has 42 teeth as compared to the 32 teeth of an adult human. This article is intended to educate you with 20 facts that you should know about the teeth of your dear pet.

(1) Before a dog enters the adult stage of its life, it has 28 teeth which are temporary and they shed away within the first six months after the birth of the dog.

How Many Teeth Does an Adult Dog Have

(2) Permanent teeth start getting developed only after a dog becomes four months old. By the time he is completely adult at the age of 1 year, it develops 42 shining teeth.

(3) If a permanent tooth starts showing up before the temporary one is lost, that could be a painful experience for the puppy and should be checked by a veterinarian without any delay.

(4) An adult dog hardly faces an issue with cavities in its teeth as the food that it consumes is mostly free of sugar.

(5) The shape of the canine teeth is also one reason why a dog never gets annoyed by dental caries aka cavities.

(6) The main purpose of the canine tooth is to hold and carry their prey or any other object. The canine is the most important tooth of an adult dog.

Facts to Know How Many Teeth Does an Adult Dog Have

(7) The Carnassials tooth or the upper fourth premolar tooth is the most predominant tooth after the canine. It is responsible for crushing, shearing and holding objects.

(8) Dog teeth of an adult dog do not re-grow if they shed away due to some reason. A tooth lost once is lost forever.

(9) The canine teeth of the dogs should be brushed at least once a week. While dogs would be resistant towards this activity, however as a careful pet owner you would have to carry out this activity diligently.

(10) Chew toys should be given to dogs as that helps in working out the gums and remove plaque from the dog teeth.

(11) By the age of three years most dogs would start developing gum diseases which can be avoided by proper dental care right from the age of 1 year.

(12) Canine specific toothpastes should be used to brush the dog teeth. Regular human toothpastes should not be used on dog teeth.

Know How Many Teeth Does an Adult Dog Have

(13) As you begin to brush the teeth of your beloved pet, it is better to start with your fingers as it would be familiar with the touch and would not resist much as you rub the toothpaste laden fingers on its teeth and gums.

(14) Special dog toothbrushes are available in the market which should be used for brushing the dog teeth. In absence of such specialized toothbrush, you can also use the baby toothbrushes that come with extra soft bristles.

(15) Do not be surprised if your adult pooch starts brushing its teeth on its own. Many adult dogs do brush on their own as they know that this activity with keep their breathe and mouth healthy.

(16) Smaller dogs with cramped jaws tend to face more problems with plaque or tartar buildup as compared to the dogs from the larger breeds.

Tips know How Many Teeth Does an Adult Dog Have

(17) A tinge of brownish green on the teeth of your pooch would mean that it is building up some plaque or tartar and is heading towards a painful periodontal disease.

(18) Bacterial infection on the gums of the adult dog would have the symptoms of foul breathe which should be attended immediately by a veterinarian.

(19) In case the canine tooth of the dog gets broken, vets can prepare metal crowns and help in regenerating the shape of the canine tooth.

(20) Common tooth problems faced by most adult dogs include broken teeth, tartar buildup, inflamed gums and pawing at mouth.

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