20 Facts to Know When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes

It is such wonder experiences to see a little puppy right from its first day grow to become a full sized dog over a period of 18 t0 24 months, depending on the breed. The most interesting thing in this overall process, however, is the opening of the eyes of the puppy that introduces them to the materialistic world and opens a whole new dimension in front of them. As a pup owner, there are certain facts related to the opening of eyes of puppies that one should be aware of.

(1) Even after birth the eyes of the puppies are still in a development phase which is why they do not open their eyes right from the birth.

(2) Before the puppies are able to open their eyes, the only sense organs that are active right from birth are the sense of touch and smell.

(3) While it varies from breed to breed, but the general timeline for a puppy to open its eyes is about ten days to two weeks.

(4) As the puppies open their eyes, they would not open both of them at the same time. First they would open one eye for a day or two before they open the second one as well.

(5) The hearing sensation of the puppies starts to develop only after they open their eyes.

Know When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes

(6) Only after the puppies open their eyes, the development of teeth also starts happening.

(7) Certain breeds, like Golden Retriever might have a tinge of light blue in their eyes while opening, which does not last for long.

(8) Before a pup would open its eyes, it would spend most of its time sleeping. Usually 90% of the time it would be found snoozing in the cozy comfort of its mother’s body.

(9) It is with the opening of the eyes that a puppy can identify other puppies along with its mother.

(10) The vision of the puppies is very blurry after they open their eyes for the first time.

(11) While the opening of eyes might happen within a span of 10 days to two weeks, the eyes take about three to four weeks to develop fully.

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes

(12) Bull dog puppies take as much as three weeks to open their eyes.

(13) German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers take about 10 days to 14 days to open their eyes.

(14) Maltese puppies take a little more than two weeks to open their eyes.

(15) One should never try to open the eyes of a puppy by force. It is a natural process and even if the pup is taking little more time than usual, let it take the time.

(16) Before the eyes of the puppies are open properly, they should not be exposed to bright light. Even after the eyes have opened, for the initial few days care should be taken that they are not exposed to bright light.

Puppies Open Their Eyes with no bright light

(17) As the pups go through the phase of opening their eyes, the mother dog would be extra protective and might get aggressive as well.

(18) Tapetum lucidum, the special membrane that allows dogs to see in the dark starts getting developed only after the puppy’s eyes are fully developed.

(19) It is important to keep the new born pups in a clean environment as unhealthy surroundings can cause bacterial infections to the newly developed eyes of the little balls of fur.

(20) New born puppies whose eyes have just opened may develop certain infections of the conjunctiva which if left untreated can lead to blindness of the dog.

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